We could not have launched Underwater Sydney without the amazing support of our Partners. A big thank you goes to all of the following:


BMF - One of Australia's leading communications agencies (Agency of the Decade no less) has done what few others do - given their time and expertise for free to build this site. That was an awful lot of time and expertise and it shows.

ZING - One of Australia's leading PR agencies (Agency of the Year 2010 no less) has also done what few others do - given their time and expertise to promote the project. Absolutely invaluable.

SYDNEY COASTAL COUNCILS GROUP - A unique organisation that manages to bring together all 15 of the Coastal Councils of Sydney and make projects like this happen.

SYDNEY COASTAL COUNCILS - From Pittwater in the north to Sutherlandshire in the south, all 15 of Sydney's coastal councils have come together to support this project - each one of them helping us to research their diverse environments.

SYDNEY AQUARIUM CONSERVATION FUND - The organisation that gave us the funding to kick this project off. The first step is often the hardest, but they helped make it happen.


Oceanworld Manly - Check out the Underwater Sydney displays at this great local attraction.


TUSA - Providing us with a full set of dive gear to let us dive safely and look respectable in photographs.

SEADOO - Providing us with the underwater scooters for our FISHEYE videos.

Dive Centre Bondi - Supplying us with gear and free air on the south side of Sydney- air isn't free underwater.

Plunge Diving - Supplying us with gear and free air on the north side of Sydney.




Discover where to look in Sydney for your favourite creature.